About Us

                                                  Our vision
  •  To be leading provider of  excellent of ship chandler service.
                                                Our mission
  • To maintain the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and ethics.
  • To provide quality services and quality goods to the total satisfaction of  our clientèle.
  • To develop and maintain long-term relationship with all whom we deal.
  • To promote team spirit and develop highly motivated employees to contribute effectively towards the efficient functioning of the company.
                                        Our achievements 
    • Sean Enterprise is a member of SLSSA.

Leading Ship chandler which supply.

      • Supply of  Provisions (Vegetables, Fish, Fruit, Dry Provisions).
      • Supply of  Bonded Stores (Specially foreign Liquor, Tobacco, Soft drinks).
      • Supply of  Spare parts.
      • Supply of  Deck, engine & cabin stores.
      • Supply of  Gases such as Freon, Acetylene, Oxygen etc.Port Licence For Year 2023